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follow-on mbsr courses

These courses are open to anyone who has done an eight week mbsr course

'taking it further' course

Participants on Eight Week MBSR Courses experience a range of  benefits from their practice. Some of these aren’t explicitly taught and some are barely discussed on the course. For example, we know from research that some people who take the course experience a significant increase in their level self-compassion. But self-compassion – although it is implicit throughout the course – is hardly ever discussed or taught explicitly on it.


This follow-on course will make explicit some of what has was implicit on the initial MBSR programme. We will explore a different theme (or group of themes) each week, seeing how some of the skills already learned might be broadened, deepened and extended.


Some of the themes we’ll be covering are:

loving kindness and compassion

This follow-on course explores the relationship between mindfulness, kindness and compassion. Taught over eight weeks, we will explore a variety of practices designed to develop and enhance a range of positive emotions such as kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. 


"The course has improved my relationships at home and work."