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Articles on mindfulness meditation from popular journals

Washington Post: February 14, 2011

eight weeks of mbsr training increases brain grey-matter concentration


This is Your Brain on Mindfulness

an excellent introduction to the neurobiology of mindfulness practice


The Independent: May 10, 2011

some of the conditions currently being treated with mindfulness 


BBC Website: March 2008
an introduction to some of the current meditation research


TIME Magazine: January 10, 2006
meditation reduces stress and changes brain size

New York Times: February 4, 2003

Daniel Goleman on the scientific study of meditation and its relation to overall happiness

Harvard Gazette: Feb 02, 2006

an article, written in lay-terms, on meditation and changes to brain function

The Independent: March 15, 2005
an article on mindfulness as a mainstream treatment for stress and depression



Articles from scientific journals

A conceptual and empirical review of mindfulness as a clinical intervention

Baer's 2003 review of the literature, which concludes that mindfulness interventions may help to improve psychological functioning and alleviate certain clinical conditions


A meta analysis of the health benefits of MBSR
a 2004 study by Grossman et al that suggests that MBSR as an intervention would be useful for a broad range of chronic disorders and problems

Three-year follow-up
a study of the effectiveness of MBSR in treating anxiety three years after the course

Effects of mindfulness meditation on brain function
a experiment at the Laboratory of Affective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where employees at a biotech company had their brain function monitored before and after an eight week MBSR course

Findings from the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre
findings from the centre in the USA where MBSR was first developed

UMass selective bibliography of scientific papers
a range of peer-reviewed scientific papers on various aspects of MBSR


Mindfulness Research Guide

A database of research publications in the field of mindfulness






The Mindful Workplace


Full Catastrophe Living


The Mindful Way Through Depression


The Mindful Manifesto


Fully Present


"I have learned new ways of approaching situations."