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Audio Resources

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1. The Raisin Exercise


2. The Body Scan (Longer Version)


3. The Body Scan (Shorter Version)


4. Mindfulness of Breathing (10-minute Version)


5. Mindfulness of Breathing (5-minute Version)


6. Mindful Movement (Longer Version)


7. Mindful Movement (Shorter Version)

8. Three-Step Breathing Space


9. Walking Meditation

10. Mindfulness of the Breath and Body


11. Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts

12. Choiceless Awareness
13. Sitting with the Difficult
14. 40 Minute Sitting Meditation
15. 30 Minute Sitting Meditation
16. 20 Minute Sitting Meditation
17. 30 Minute Sitting with the Difficult Meditation
18. 20 Minute Sitting with the Difficult Meditation



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